05 March 2008

tagged by mandy


I got tagged by Mandy. I am new to the whole blogging world and am still trying to find what I want this to be... therefore this is coming rather late.

10 years ago I was
... living in teh Glenwood with some of my best friends and my brother Mark at BYU. I was only a little over six months off my mission. Even so, I already had one friend that was engaged and close to marriage and another one close on his heals. By this time, I think even Pat was participating in Group Scripture Study...

5 Things on my To Do List for Today and Possibly Tomorrow:
Finish a business plan
Finish module five on the Church's Feedback Lesson
Run and lift
Network for new position
Possibly receive a haircut by the world famous Jess

7 Things I'd Do If I Became A Billionaire:
Set the financial future for my family and myself - Trusts, IRAs, Savings, pay off loans... etc.
Create a microcredit NGO for Brazil
Build up Capitol to Push Giv Clothing forward
Go get my PhD
Go Back to Brazil
Visit all of my friends and family, or possibly just take everyone on a trip around the world.
Donate seriously large amounts to the Perpetual Fund Fund

7 Places I Have Lived:
Provo, UT
Chicago, IL
Spokane, WA
Fortaleza, Brazil
Jerusalem, Israel
Phuket, Thailand
Salt Lake City, UT

5 Jobs I have Had:
Client Development
Research Associate
Leadership Development

2 Bad Habits:
Leaving room messy
Watching too much tv

Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
I don't like being told what to do though I can be a good follower... I have rules about singing in the car, for myself and others... I have been over 80 Mph on roller blades...


mandy* said...

I love reading people's tags! So, am I allowed or not allowed to sing in the car??

Groshon said...

Dave!! I am adding you to our blog if that is okay...

As for singing in the car, I am pretty sure I remember you singing very LOUD in the car, so is that your rule? You must sing loud?! haha! If so I am right there with you :)


Nae-nae said...

Yeah I have to comment on the car singing deal too. Is singing only prohibited when its to Dirty Diana and Kelly Clarkson or what?

Nae-nae said...

Oh and just so you know-Al and I had to look up panegyric (sp?) in the dictionary. Us simple folks arent quite as learned as yous.

Grey Pilgrim said...

I love the comments coming in! As to the rules, they much more fall in line of "have to sing with passion to any song I choose"... in fact, some of you probably have seen this in action with others... some have had to stay in the car, go around the block multiple times, and even listen to the same song over and over... these are just the basics, of course these rules merely highlight the necessity and complexity of these neccessary rules

Jake said...

As nearly as I can recall the following conversation represents Dave's rules in High School about my friends singing in the car while listening to AC/DC.

Dave: Brett if you don't start singing you are going to have to walk home.
Brett: I don't know the words!
Dave: You better learn fast boy!

Lisa said...

Dave! How the heck are you? I jumped on here from Kamalani's blog. What's been going on for the last....7 years!? I loved the mention of Glennwood. I mentioned it on my tag too! Can you believe that was 10 years ago? And yes I remember the rules of singing in the car very well. You don't really come back from something like that. Drop by my blog when you get a minute! Bye!

Groshon said...

come on dave... give us an update!!

Dana said...


Sam wants to know how you're doing. Hope all is well.

Emily R said...

Dave! Welcome to blogging! I think of you every time I hear Pearl Jam.

Heart and Hands Preschool said...

I know I am very very late commenting about your blog D, but I figured I would just let'em all in the on the singing rule. It has to loud and with passion!!!! You all know I cannt sing, but I spent many an hour circling the blocks just to finish a song or two...RELEASE ME!